Spying On Competition That Uses URL Shorteners

Spying On Competition That Uses URL Shorteners

There is no denying that URL shorteners are great. They make your URL short and they can also offer really juicy details if you want to use them when you push for an online campaign. Goo.gl and Bit.ly are just some of the services that offer statistics that are publicly viewable. Let us think about how we can use URL shortener links to research info about links used by competitors. Results will vary but there are still important facts that we can learn.

The Process

The concept behind learning stats is incredibly simple. All that you need to do is add “+” after the end of any goo.gl or bit.ly URL. Then you can see many details about that link. It is possible to notice how many clicks were done, who shared them, where they appeared on Twitter, information about country distribution and a whole lot more.

When you utilize another URL shortener, just add that + sign and see if that will work. If that does not work, register an account and look for information about how they will offer you URL analytics. This will come in handy when you want to spy on competition that does not utilize goo.gl or bit.ly.

How Is The Information Useful?

Most people have no idea how powerful such an analysis can be. A real marketer instantly understands the huge potential that is offered. You can look at how the competition does business and this provides valuable information. For instance, you can see that a link is only posted on Facebook and you even get to see when that happens. You are allowed to check when most clicks appear and in this way you can basically understand how the audience is reacting to the placement of these links.

You can also find various links that are used by competitors. You can do so based on campaigns and keywords that are of interest to you. Just pick a keyword and then a competitor site.

Let us think about Apple.com as the URL we are interested in and the keyword “iPad”. We can go to Google.com and include: “site:apple.com intext:goo.gl | intext:bit.ly contest “win*”. This basically means that we ask Google to look from results that only appear on apple.com, that uses bit.ly or goo.gl in the page and that has the keyword “contest” present with “win *”. The “*” sign basically means wild card. It is possible to be a whole lot more specific than this.

You can identify bit.ly links and see exactly how Apple.com created the promotion campaign. This is quite valuable information that you can utilize to your advantage.

To sum up everything, this is just one of the numerous techniques that you can utilize in order to spy on the competition. It allows you to learn a lot of information that would not be available anywhere else and that can help you to decide how a campaign should be run in order to gain a lot of success. It is a trick that is used by marketers constantly.

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