URL Branding, More Than Just Domain Name

URL branding domain nameOnce you’ve bought an available URL for your new website, there’s another important next step to take:

Go to Twitter, and register the @yourURL that matches your new URL.  Start a Facebook page with the goal of working towards securing the unique Facebook URL Facebook.com/yourURL that also matches your new website name (You will have to wait until you have launched your page and attained 25+ Fans before you can confirm the availability).  Ditto for YouTube and LinkedIN.

Why should you do this right away?  Because your URL will become part of your personal or business branding.  You want your URL’s to match across the different social media sites.  This will help people recognize and find you, which will help you meet your personal or business objectives.  Your personal or business online brand will be stronger if there’s consistency in URLs.

Also, the simpler you can keep your various URL’s, the stronger your association between your brand and your social media sites you will have.

URL’s are a form of digital real estate.  Once someone owns a URL, it’s gone, and not available for someone else to use.  So make sure you create a URL for each of the major social media networks right after purchasing your website address.


URL Branding, More Than Domain Name| Twitter, Facebook, YouTube URLs

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Martin June 8, 2011 at 3:45 am

Thanks for sharing this information, its really helpful to all. keep update the information. i need to work on my url branding now!

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