What is the Difference Between Web Hosting vs URL Address?

Web Hosting and URL addresses or domain names are different services and products. However, web hosting and URL website addresses need each other to work and accomplish what each is intended to do.

A URL address is like a name or a label. You can’t store files used in the creation and display of a website with just a URL address (domain). You need web hosting as storage space for your website files and content. A web host also connects to the internet so the combination of URL website address plus website files on your web host can be seen by the whole world.

It’s analogous to a can of Coke. The Coke label of “Coca-Cola” can’t be used to store the Coke, it is the can itself stores the Coke. The label is the URL address, the can is the web host. The same label can be stuck to any bottle the manufacturer wants.

Because a URL or domain name and web hosting are separated, the benefit is that once you become the rightful owner of the “label”, you can choose whatever “bottle” you want. Coca cola can choose whatever bottle they want. If you are the rightful owner of a domain name, you can choose whatever web host you want and you can change your web host anytime you want. In other words, if you buy a domain at GoDaddy, you can use web hosting at HostGator for example.

Gaining the rights to a URL address, assuming it’s an available URL address, is as easy as paying a registration fee for each year you control the domain. You can always renew the URL before the URL expires. If you need web hosting, find the best website hosting services company here.

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