Is the Internet Browser URL Address Going Away?

Is the Internet Browser URL Address Going Away?

Is the Internet browser URL address going away? This is a question that some people are interested in, especially those who love using high-tech gadgets such as smartphones.

If you are going to think about it, URLs are not as useful nowadays to most Internet users as before. Before, people are going to copy URLs and ensure that they type the right characters so that they will be taken to their preferred website. But nowadays, people are only searching through the Internet, making search queries on search engines, such as the gigantic Google, to search the things that they are looking for. Regardless of the URL presented, the only thing that mattered to Internet users is the title presented by search results; whether they are attracted to a certain title of an article or a webpage or not.

Because of this, URLs are like a remnant of the past. Thus, it got some people thinking – is the Internet browser URL address going away? Because there are different ways on how to go to a certain website or a certain webpage, URLs are now becoming seemingly useless to many.  FInd your URL here or here.

Less Usage of URLs

Younger generations are getting more and more engaged in technologies that enable them to search for something on the Internet that won’t require them to do a lot of typing on the browser. Because of this, many of the younger generation do not understand how URL works or how important they are.

  • Link Shortening Services

URL shortening services have boomed because of the explosion of the number of websites on the Internet. Because URLs are becoming longer and longer to make each one unique from the others, people looked for ways on how to make URLs shorter; thus, the birth of URL shortening services.

This further led to the oblivion of URLs. It seems like no one cares about the real URLs of webpages anymore.

  • Search Engines

Another thing that makes URLs seem useless is search engines. People are just typing queries on their preferred browser and search engine and will click on the first result that appeared before them. They do not look into the web address of the site that they are looking at.

This often leads to frustration of not being able to find webpages that people are specifically looking for. Nonetheless, this method of accessing websites is persistent due to people’s hesitation and refusal to type in URLs.

Voice search is also one of the trendiest search options that many people are using, making URLs useless.

  • Bookmarks

Nowadays, everyone is just clicking on the star icon on their browser to remember webpages, avoiding typing URLs, which seemed quite laborious to a lot of people. Thus, it makes URLs all the more obsolete for Internet users.

  • Social Media

With the increasing popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Internet users are simply clicking on links on these sites.

The only people that are seemingly interested in web addresses nowadays are programmers and people who make their living on the Internet or building a site (go to this site). For those who are using the Internet for pleasure and for various tasks that don’t need their immediate or keen attention, the answer to the question, is the Internet browser URL address going away, would definitely be a yes.

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