Top News Story URL Ever? Kate Middleton Jelly Bean URL Independent

You have to see this.  It’s awesome.

Apparently a U.K. writer wasn’t too thrilled about having to write about jelly beans.  Specifically a jelly bean that supposedly looks like the future Queen of England Kate Middleton.  Wesley Hosie “discovered” the bean with his girlfriend, and now plans on selling it on eBay.

So what does The Independent writer think about the Kate Middleton jelly bean?  Just look at the URL for his story, and you tell me …

Best URL ever.  Brilliant.  Well done mate.

I’m sure The Independent article will get a boatload of backlinks.  Soon enough, you’ll see a bunch of “expert” SEO articles popping up on the internet with “link bait” in the titles.

I’m intrigued whether the writer was trying to piss off the editor, or if this sort of journalism is encouraged at The Independent.  I’m just hopeful this Kate Middleton Jelly Bean URL doesn’t get the writer fired.

Regardless, The Onion in New York is ravenous with jealousy I’m sure.



Top News Story URL Ever? Will this Kate Middleton Jelly Bean URL get the writer fired?

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