Will Internet TV Use URL Addresses?

What is the future of Internet TV? Will internet TV use URl addresses?

Imagine a day when you come home from work. You don’t have to rent a movie from the shop. You can select the movies you want and watch it at your own schedule. It is like video on demand. You don’t have to subscribe to channels that you don’t have time to watch.

Internet TV is the fusion of TV and Internet technologies. You subscribe to the content, it is downloaded to your computer and you can watch what you want, when you want it. To be able to aggregate the video from the Internet and display it on your TV screen makes it a whole new experience.
This spells the death of the video stores in your neighborhood. Plus, internet televisions do not use older technology like a Samsung BP96-00674A color wheel, DLP TV bulbs, and rear projection TV bulbs.

Many companies are competing for a piece of the pie. Each comes with their own standards and their own setup boxes. The industry is fragmented as there is no industry standards or standardization of equipment. There will be compatibility issues.

Has the future of Internet TV arrived here yet? The prices of Internet TV is still expensive. A subscription is still costly. There are distribution agreements to be sorted out by content providers. The biggest problem is to get a good and fast internet connection as it involves streaming of videos. For now the adoption rate has not reach a critical mass yet.

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