How To Choose a URL For a Top Performing Company Blog

So you want a company or personal blog that works?  You know, helps you meet your goals like more leads, more product sold, more customers, etc.

Well, there’s a couple URL related considerations for top performing company blogs.  Specifically:

Choose an easy to remember short URL – works well, so does or even,  Read this article if you’re trying to decide between a subdomain or folder for your company blog.

If you don’t have a company website, you can do a combination website and blog using the same domain on the same platform.  Use WordPress (WordPress CMS review 2011), and the best blog hosting setup provider.

Avoid confusing or long URLs like  No one will remember that blog URL, and you’ll get zero direct navigation traffic.  Plus, visitors will miss type the URL, and leave frustrated when they get a 404 error page and can’t find what they were looking  for.

This is the worst mistake:  choosing to host your blog on a free third party site like  If you’re a company or small business, then act professionally and use a domain name you control for your blog URL.  Plus, your website SEO will be much stronger.  Google likes sites that are updated frequently with quality unique content.  If your blog is hosted on a third party controlled URL, your business site won’t get this SEO benefit.

Choose the right blog name

If your blog has a unique name like “Register Learning Center” then it should be prominent with a logo and that logo should link to the home page of the blog. If your blog is just named “Business Name Blog” that is fine, but offer a “home” to go to.  Tag lines to go along with the blog name are useful for readers so they understand what your blog is about. Taglines are also useful for SEO.

In summary, make sure your company or personal blog conveys the right brand and message with your choice of URL and blog name, and the blog design and content as well, of course. Make your blog easy to read, navigate and share content.  Within a few seconds, readers should be able to tell what the blog topic is and find something interesting. If not, they’ll leave your blog and surf to something more interesting.

How To Choose a URL For a Top Performing Company Blog

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Jhon Atkins August 29, 2012 at 4:24 am

Choosing the right URL is very important for a site. Proper navigation url make good traffic for a site.

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