How To Setup SEO Friendly URLs or Permalinks in WordPress

SEO Friendly WordPress URLSThe initial WordPress URL setup is terrible for the search engines. Here’s how to setup your URLs the right way when you start a new WordPress blog or website:

Permalinks is another name for URL structure. It’s critical to change your permalink structure before adding any content to WordPress, since out of the box it uses a terrible URL structure.

The default WordPress URL structure is This means absolutely nothing to Google, Bing, Yahoo or the other search engines. You want URLs that look something like this: Your permalinks or URL structure is one of the many factors that will help you rank higher in the search engines.

The update for good URL structure is really easy. Just go to “settings” in WordPress admin, and then “permalinks”. In the “custom” box, enter /%postname%/ . Bingo – that little 2 minute change will make a big positive difference in the amount of natural search traffic your blog or website gets.

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