Removing WWW from WordPress URL

Removing WWW From The WordPress URL And Other Changes That Can Be Done

WordPress enjoys a huge popularity at the moment. This is mainly because of the fact that it offers you the freedom to do basically everything that you want in order to establish an online presence the right way. You can change details about your URL and this offers a higher control for those people that want to be able to control absolutely everything about their blog.

Easily Modifying Site URL

Since WordPress is so intuitive, you can imagine the fact that there is not much that has to be done in order to make such a change. All that you need to do is go into your General Settings tab. There you will be able to set the name of your site, a motto and the URL. Just change the URL of the WordPress installation and the site URL to what you want. For instance, instead of, you can replace it to The change will be instantaneous.

If you want to change the root of the site and have the home page somewhere else than where WordPress is installed, you can simply change the Site URL. There are many people that do this when they have a general index page set up that can lead people towards the blog or towards other areas of the domain. For instance, you can have the main site at and the WordPress installation set up at

More About The Modifications That Can Be Done

On the General Settings page, the HOME setting is basically the address that you want people to find your site by and get to the blog. SITE URL is basically where the core files will reside. You need to make sure that you include “http://” whenever you make modifications and you should never add “/” at the end of an address as this would cause immediate errors.

It can happen that a user will need to manually fix the settings. Unfortunately, this is becoming common because of changing one or both of the settings and ending up with a site that is not working properly. You can easily end up not knowing what to do because of the problem. Most WordPress users do not have the technical knowledge required to correct problems. Due to this, we recommend that you never make big changes without knowing what you are doing. At the very least, talk to someone that can help.

You can find information about every single problem that appears on the WordPress site in the Help section. It is also possible to call a specialist or to contact support in the event that you need to get things done really fast. Nobody wants to have a site that is not working properly.

Make sure that you have complete control over your hosting before you make any changes mentioned above. This guarantees that you can undo anything and it is a good idea to do a backup of the current setting before changing anything at coding level. There are many people that make mistakes without even realizing it and this can lead to a site that is not working properly.


How To Remove WWW from WordPress blog or Website URL

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