How to Add Your Website URL to a YouTube Video

How to Add Your Website URL to a YouTube Video

We all are familiar with YouTube, a video sharing site owned by Google. In case you didn’t know, YouTube actually allows you to add your website’s URL on the videos on the website. The process makes use of video annotations which will allow you to include background information as well as commentary about the video.

With the help of the annotations, you can simply link the video towards your website, instead of having to bury the URL within the video description. It might sound complicated, but if you know the step by step process, then everything will be easier. So read on to find out how to add your website URL to any video in YouTube.

Step by Step Process of Adding URL to YouTube Video

  • First of all, log in to your account in YouTube. If you do not have an account, then you need to create a new one.
  • As soon as you are logged in, search for the video where you want your website’s URL to be added.
  • View the video and choose “annotations” right on the menu on the top portion of the video.
  • After that, click on the option that says “+ add annotation”.
  • Type in the text that you want to appear on the video right on the field provided.
  • Afterwards, check the option that says “link”. From here, you can choose to link to another channel or video. You can even link your viewers to a playlist or the subscribe button. You can also link it to a website.
  • Since you’re going to link to your site, add the URL of your web page on the field provided.
  • Finally, click the button that says “save” and then click on the “publish” button as well.

Customizing and Editing the Annotations

You will also have an option to customize or edit the annotations. There are five different types of annotations that you can choose from. First is the Speech bubble. You also have the Spotlight, the Note, Title and the Label. Choose the type of annotation that you want to be edited or customized. Simply click on the “add notation” button and you can change the font color, size or the color of the background.

To edit the font, simply position the annotation on the video by dragging it within the video player. Make use of those black squares on the corners of the annotation in making the text to appear bigger or smaller. Remember that there is also a limit on the size of the text and you can only cover about 30% of the video player.

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Changing the Annotation Timing

You can also time when you want the annotation to appear on the video by simply using the start as well as the end settings located on the right side. Another option is to move the annotations all over the timeline right below the video. Remember that linking to specific times might not be precise. The encodings that are being used for the video streaming usually have key frames in every two seconds and will only be possible to search the player to the key frames.

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