How to Track YouTube Description Link

How to Track YouTube Description Link via Tagging a URL Using Google’s Custom Campaign Parameters

As you may have probably heard, YouTube has recently extended the sum of snippet space that they give to the video creator right on the description box of the video. Because of this, viewers will now be able to see up to 5 lines of text instead of the usual 3 and this leads to a great opportunity for the video owners to easily attract a viewer to watch the video as well as follow the link back towards the landing page.

Except if there is a real good reason, providing the link to the suitable landing page, which is not always the homepage, is among the best ways to optimize the video. Furthermore, if you’re going to lead visitors to a certain page of a website, then you might as well just track it so you will be able to see the amount of traffic the YouTube link could drive. Read on to find out how you can track the YouTube description link by means of tagging a URL with the use of the Custom Campaign Parameters of Google.

Steps to Track the Description Link

Refer below for the steps on how you would be able to keep track of the description link that you have posted in YouTube by simply tagging the URL using the custom campaign parameters provided by Google.

  • First of all, pinpoint the URL that you need to use, whether it is the blog page, product page, etc.
  • Tag such page with the use of the parameters of the Google Custom Campaign.
  • Run the tagged URL into or any kind of URL shortener. Optimize the URL for keywords as well.
  • Incorporate the tagged and shortened URL towards the description.

Tagging the URL with the Use of Google’s Custom Campaign Parameters

It is expected that you have already recognized the page or the pages that you want to be able to track from inside the description of the YouTube video. So what you will do next is to incorporate a few extras to such URL in order for Google Analytics to know exactly what it needs to track. If you are not that acquainted with tagging the URL, then you should know that this is such a really straightforward process. As a matter of fact, Google has delivered user friendly tools that have lessened the work needed and this tool is called the URL Builder tool.

Using the URL Shortener the Smart Way

As mentioned, one of the steps needed is to make use of the URL shortener. But it is important to be smart in using the shortener. Right after you have tagged the URL correctly and know what to track, you will notice that the URL seems like a mess. Therefore, the next thing that you need to do is to clean up the URL so it will look presentable. It should also be optimized. The process will require using URL shortening sites and there are plenty out there, although it is recommended to make use of

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