YouTube URL Tips| Start Video at a Specific Time

When you email a friend a YouTube video URL, how can you specify the start time of the video and skip the boring parts?

It’s pretty easy really.  YouTube calls this their “Deep Links” URL feature. Here’s how to use it:

Copy the YouTube video’s URL into your e-mail message, like On the end of the URL, add on the time for the place you want to start in the video.

Say you wanted someone to start the video after 1 minute and 15 seconds.  You’d type #1m15s at the end of the video’s URL.  So our URL example above becomes –

When the person that gets you email clicks on the link, the video loads right to the spot you specified.  Nice, you’ve saved your buddy some valuable time!

This trick also works if you want to link to a video in your  website or blog and have it start a specific time .

If you need more information on this cool tip see –  Deep Links with YouTube videos.

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